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SaaS Account Guide

Podpage™ Dashboard Breakdown

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EdTech Blog

Buzzsprout Help Article

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SaaS Product Guide

Podpage™ Product Guide

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EdTech Case Study


Case Study

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SaaS Email Marketing

Email Marketing Buzzsprout


Email Newsletter

I sent this email weekly for three years. Throughout that time, subscribers grew from 40,000 to 450,000+.

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Email Marketing Podpage


Email Newsletter

This weekly email goes out to 20,000+ subscribers. I've used strategies & best practices to increase the open rate by 10% and maintain it weekly.

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 Education + Fundraising


Email Marketing


Three-part email campaign for nonprofit.

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Printed Stewardship 

Brochure Fundraising

Benefits Guide

Stewardship Brochure

outlining benefits of each level of giving.

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Campaign Kickoff Piece

This article detailed the official launch of the school's historic fundraising effort. (pg. 6)

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Nonprofit Infographic

Infographic featuring indsutry stats, supporting quotes, etc. 

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